Re: RAP5/4/04 Roger Häggström "Tears on my pillow"

Discussion in '' started by Roger Häggström, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Carey,

    > The first person I've ever seen to correctly spell "Røde" in this


    I'm a Swede, I'm used to strange characters.

    > This recording has been through a lot of processing. I can hear how it

    > blurred the edges.

    Interesting. I wish I could hear what you hear. Yes, there have been some
    processing done on the tracks, on the next project I will use much less of
    it. BTW, this is not the FINAL mix, I kept on working with it some time and
    maybe I got it a bit better in the end.

    > It's pleasant but sleepy. I bet an earlier copy would
    > have had the precision I miss.

    I was sleepy when I made the tune alright :)


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