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    This is regarding RMV Drums. I own two sets of these drums a six piece blue sparkle kit from the first year they came out,and the new black to natural fade lacuare kit from the 2005 namm show,the exact one you see when you go to the rmv website.anyhow I have been playing since I was nine and am now thirty four and have played alot of different kits in my life and nothing can compare to these rmv kits For quality,sound, duribilty, and price. These are beautiful kits and built to last. The bapeva wood is beautiful,and much harder,and denser than are traditionnal us maple. The thunderous bass is uncomparible,and the toms are incredible, nice deep warm tone. I have outfitted the toms with evans black hydrolics. I get fantastic reviews from anyone that hears the kit.and last but certainley not least are the snare drums and the boom stands. I own a 5.5 x 13 and a 7 x 13, and nine black boom stands incredible strenth and double braced,and wow!!! black boom stands,and snare stands how often do you see those. I can't say enough about these incredible drums. Hey guys and gals stop woundering and go out and pick up a kit you won't be dissapointed. Trust me these RMV Drums are the REAL DEAL!!!
    Look out big boy drum makers and custom builders, you know who you are!!!
    As these rmv drums become played more and are more widely known by professional artists, and great drummers all over the world, you guys are going to be in deep SH*T!!, and sit back and wonder how'd they do it,and better yet why can't we!!!
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