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  1. Hey Ant,

    Be sure to test stain a piece before you do the big one. Keep the stain
    stirred as you are using it. Some people brush it on and immediately wipe
    the stain off. Other brush on, leave for a set amount of time, and wipe it
    off. Others rub it on/into the wood and leave it. Still others brush it on
    and leave it to soak in and dry, without ever wiping it off.

    Many different ways to do it, and all will yield different results.

    "Anthony Giampa" <> wrote in message
    > FINALLY got the 16" wrapped tonight. Came out way better than I had hoped,
    > after needing to use so much filler. Tomorrow I should be able to get to

    > BIG step... staining. God I hope it comes out even...
    > On another note... I am going to be updating the spurs. Instead of 2 pairs
    > of telescoping spurs (this is a pre-serial-- 60-63ish -- shell) I am
    > drilling for one pair of early 70's 'thin' Arc spurs. I've never had any

    > these before, it should be interesting. One cool thing is that the arc
    > mounts are interchangeable with the Classic floor tom/spur/tom mounts, so

    > I don't like the arcs, I can switch mounts and go with fold-out spurs.

    > it's done, this kit should appear to be from the period just before B/O
    > badges (right on 69/70, even though two of my badges are pre-serial), like
    > the kit I was inspired by.
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    > Anthony Giampa;
    > "Pity makes me strong." -- Conan O'Brien

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