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    > Richard H. Blount <> wrote:
    >> Played a lot of classical piano, marimba, glockenspiel, and recently went to
    >> a Taiko workshop. (Great fun! if you get the chance I highly recommend it, a
    >> whole different philosophy there)

    > Hey Richard,
    > You live in Cowtown, right? Was that Eric (the fish) workshop
    > in Delaware? If so tell us more.
    > Benj
    > (Who notes that Eric (the fish) is a VERY cool dude who was
    > raised in Japan. He teaches world percussion at Capital U.)

    Another Cowtown person here and a Capital University percussion grad in
    Jazz Performance but a little before Eric's time as a teacher there. We were
    both students there around the same time.

    He does a great job and is heavily involved in other ethnic percussion areas
    also (Latin, Cuban).

    Cowtowners, I have a couple of gigs coming up, drumwise. Tonight (Wed) at
    the Scarlet and Grey Cafe with The Walt James Band. Walt's CD release party
    is 9/20 at the Billiard Club on 161.

    Come on out and introduce yourselves!



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