Recording *and hearing* with MIDI Loopback?

Discussion in '' started by Carey, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Carey

    Carey Guest

    I'm using the MIDI Loopback driver to record music from some games (in
    which it's encrypted and unextractable). So far the only way to do it
    for me is by dumping all MIDI events to a text file with MidiOx, and
    converting it to a standalone MIDI file - I couldn't figure out how to
    do it in Cakewalk or Cubase... Here's the main problem, though - is
    there any way, any setting, with which I can actually *hear* what I'm
    recording? I have the Loopback's input set to LB1, output to SBLive
    Output, and the MIDI Output in Control Panel set to LB1. It works and
    the music recording, but I don't hear anything, and it's somewhat
    troublesome to do it that way, "deaf"... n

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