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    My top side/case audio panel does not work for recording only. The audio jack works on my headset (properly overrides the SB card), but the mic jack does NOT work for recording, on either a standalone mic or on the headset... here is more info and troubleshooting I have done:

    First my hardware and software:

    --> Case (Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS)
    --> MB (Abit IP35 Pro) (Software/drivers installed)
    --> CPU (Intel 3.16 Ghz)
    --> Sound card (SB Audigy ZS Platinum)
    --> Windows XP Pro SP3
    --> PC is clean of all malware and all updates are current
    --> I have tried both of the plugs into my MB, the AC97 and the Digital...

    --> Of course all sound options have been selected and set to the Realtek choices.... even there, I have tried the "HD Digital Input" AND the "HD Audio Input" and recording/audio volumes are all at least 90% high setting
    --> Recording DOES work when I plug it into my SB card in the back, so my recording hardware is fine
    --> When I plug in the mic into the recorder jack, Realtek software DOES recognize something having been plugged in, and I select "Mic" in the choice menu
    --> When I try to run a hardware test in Windows Sound Hardware Tester, it never detects the mic after it is plugged in there, so the mic cannot even be tested

    Thanks guys and let me know if u need any more info……

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