Relient K - Be My Escape

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    Band: Relient K
    Song: Be My Escape
    Album: mmHmm
    Genre: Christian/Punk/Pop
    Matt Thiessen: vocals, guitar, piano
    Matt Hoopes: guitar, background vocals
    David Douglas: drums, background vocals
    John Warne: bass, background vocals
    Jonathan Schneck: guitar, background vocals, bells, banjo
    Duration: 3:15.272
    Tempo: 220
    Time Signature: 4/4
    Number of Measures: 179
    Tracks: 9
    Track 1: Overdriven Guitar
    Track 2: Fingered Bass
    Track 3: Distortion Guitar
    Track 4: Piano
    Track 5: Clarinet (Vox)
    Track 6: Choir Aahs (Background Vox)
    Track 7: Reverse Cymbal
    Track 8: Strings
    Track 10: Percussion

    Very cool song!

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