Return of the Mac!

Discussion in 'Artists/Band Discussion' started by mistacm, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Don't worry, MacDonald's haven't done away with their Big Mac (although many think they should), I'm talking about the return of THE Mac, or rather, re-return. Check this out:

    Mark Morrison, a worldwide superstar with his smash hit 'Return of the Mac' is back. Signed on a huge record deal to new independent label 2WICKID, the new album is almost ready with the first single 'Just a man' to be released this summer.
    Several big offers are already on the table from major labels in the US and other territories. The industry buzz is already big and press & TV are catching on with several high profile TV appearances scheduled prior to the single and release in August.

    I just saw the video on Channel U and I think this song is going to be a smash hit for him.

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