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    Hi all,

    I have cubase SX3 and an M-Audio Oxygen 61 Keyboard. I used to run a Creative X-Fi soundcard but have recently upgraded to a Presonus Firepod and can't for the life of me figure out how to route my midi!

    What I used to do to bounce my song down with midi:
    Set my Creative Card to "record what you hear" solo the midi tracks. Set an audio track to "listen" to my midi output and then, mute all the midi tracks, and bounce my song with the new Audio stereo recording of my midi. This worked great.

    Since having my firepod, I don't seem to have any kind of control panel to set the thing to "record what you hear".

    I've read lots of forums that tell me various ways to route my midi tracks, none of which I can achieve. I understand the principal that, midi information is telling an external bit of software to generate sounds and Cubase cannot "hear" this during the bounce process so I need to convert it to audio...

    If I change the chanel of my midi output track to anything other than the VST synth, then my sounds are gone. (Because the VST is no longer receiving midi data). Changing the input doesn't do anything because my sound information isn't coming from the keyboard any more - it's coming from the notes I recorded (my midi track in cubase).

    What I was hoping to see is an area in my VST (in my case sample tank and also philharmonik) that will allow me to set its output to one of my audio tracks in cubase, but there is no such option.

    I've tried tinkering - adding various stereo buses in cubase and stuff but there doesn't seem to be a way to route the sounds coming out of sampletank/philharmonik directly into one of my audio tracks in cubase.

    Am I missing something?

    A workaround: I realise that I could solo the midi tracks and simple use a wire to connect my headphone socket on the firepod into channel 1 & 2 of the firepod but I worry about sound degridation because my wires are cheap. This seems a bit of a hacky workaround anyway, there must be an internal method.

    There must be a way to achieve this? Am I missing something obvious?

    Sorry for rambling a little but trying to provide as much info as I can.

    Very many thanks to anyone who can help me by offering a solution!!!!!


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