Samplers and Samples, - what to get?

Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by HordePrime, Dec 2, 2004.

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    I'm just starting to kit out my studio, and I was wondering what's
    the best stuff to get. I'm currently still on a PC (with Windows 98), hoping to get a Mac when I can afford one though. Thus I'm forced into using Logic Platinum 5.5 primarily.

    I'm thinking Samplers and Samples primarily. I need good quality,
    realistic sounding orchestral instruments that don't cost me an arm and a leg. Do you recommend hardware samplers like Akai, Emu etc. or software samplers like Kontakt and Halion?

    I'm thinking of getting Halion 2; is it good? - Does it have
    realistic solo orchestral instruments?

    And samples; there are always a few going on ebay, but I'm weary of their quality. I've also been thinking about the Pro Samples collections, or the Creative Essentials stuff; are these any good?

    And, anything else you'd recommend, or recommend to avoid?

    Remeber I don't have much money to spend!

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    depends on what kind of material you want to make

    I have an old school Roland SP 808. It's a little bulky, but it defiantely has some great features, not the least of which are the unebelievable effects capabilities (99 predefined + 99 user defined) effects locations. It's also pretty well designed for live use.

    The samples are stored on ZIP disc, and it only has 4 voice polyphony, but if you use it for taking and scrubbing samples, it can be really handy. It also has a virtual analog synth in it with a decent sequener.

    It's not a geat tool for making music alone, but if you have access to friend's turntables and a decent microphone, you can get make great noise with this thing. YOu can grab a used one off ebay for under $400.

    If you want a standalone MIDI controller than can generate some killer sounds, go to guitar center and check out the micro Korg. YOu can probably get one of those used for under $300, and it's a great tool for getting killer sounds fast.

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