Savage Glas 30 and Guitar Amp Recommendations

Discussion in '' started by Erol, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Erol

    Erol Guest

    Doing my research and trying to find a good amp I came across Savage Glass
    30, the clean channel of which I liked more than any other amp I auditioned
    by now. So far this amp in combination with Fender Telecaster produces sound
    that comes closest to my idea of good sound (I found a sample of Fender
    Telecaster played through this amp (2X12 combo) at

    The "only" problem I have with this amp is its price ($2800), and although I
    'm familiar with the saying, "quality comes at a price," I simply don't have
    that kind of money. Still, I was wondering if any of you who'd be willing to
    hear the recording of this amp or are already familiar with it, could
    recommend something sonically similar that does not cost a fortune.



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