Software Alternatives to the Waves L2

Discussion in '' started by Bob Monk, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. >*that* was frickin' awesome, and I mean... I'd run out of superlatives before
    >I could say enough about it. Rarely have I heard such a well crafted tune,
    >these days. Guitar-head that I am... well, a piece like that woulda been
    >cryin' for a fitting solo, but... I must say, I wasn't left wanting. Purely

    Wow man!! Thanks!! Thats a hell of compliment and the feedback is much
    appreciated. We worked hard on that one, just redid the guitars for it a few
    days ago and put it up there. We got a new one coming out on the new site in a
    week. Hope you like that one as much. I returned the favor and took a listen
    to all your tunes. You have quite the ear for guitar melody and harmony and
    your technique and songwriting is excellent. "The Past I Knew" is playing at
    this very moment and its almost hypnotic... Very cool, thanks Jeff.

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