SOME midi files cause problems with VST plugin

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by EnterJustice, Aug 15, 2010.

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    I am having some difficulties with a VST plug-in known as Synful Orchestra. (Synful is a VST plug-in that allows one to realistically translate ordinary MIDI-tracks into orchestral instruments. It is not a sound library, just to be on the clear side.)

    The problem only occurs when using MIDI-files I made myself (using Guitar Pro; the version doesn't seem to matter, the problem is the same). The examples provided by the maker of Synful work flawlessly.

    Now, I am not experiencing any problems whatsoever when simply playing imported MIDI files in Cubase SX 3. They playback as one would expect. The problems start happening when I engage the VST plug-in. The manufacturer's files work as expected, but my own produce random, barely hearable noise (well, not really noise, they are the sounds of bowed instruments; logically so, as I was trying to have the VST plugin produce a piece for a string quartet).

    Obviously the MIDI file is not corrupted or anything, because it playbacks perfectly in whatever program that can play MIDI's. The problems start occuring when I run the plugin.

    The manufacturer can't seem to find anything better than have me purchase the latest version of Synful (which isn't necessary, as the plug-in works; just not in all cases).

    So could anyone help me identify the difference between these MIDI-files that causes the problem?

    I'd upload two files - one that works and one that doesn't - but strangely, this board doesn't seem to support .mid ...

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