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    I have been getting lots of calls from people using Sonar and not being able
    to use the DXi softsynths with it, especially the VSC-DXi.
    To see how the VSC-DXi works, simply load a midi file into Sonar.
    Then goto the Insert Menu and insert Audio Track.
    In the Audio track, right click on FX and from the pull down menu select
    VSC.DXi and its workface will come up on the screen so you can change
    instruments parameters, etc. And choose between GM2 and GS.
    Now, for every Mide Track, set its Output to the VSC-Dxi.
    I always set the VSC-DXi for GM2 to hear what the file sounds like in it.
    When the file sounds as good as you can get it, then goto Edit menu and
    select Bounce to Track(s), okay and the midi is mixed down to audio on the
    Export the file to wav and you have your midi into audio with some really
    nice sound.
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