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    Can anyone recommend any good soundfonts to download?
    I'm now using "Reality" as a kind of base, and now replacing the odd instruments with better ones to make my own collection.
    Anyway, if anyone have any smashing soundfonts to share, please tell me!
    Mainly I look for good piano, guitarr, base and drum sounds - but if there's other quality sounds out there that's a MUST for any karaoke-lover, you can obviously share that as well :cool:

    Also, I found a good guitar soundfont, but it's way to low in volume compared to the other instruments... any idea how to fix that!?
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    Frank Wen's Fluid SoundFont (140MB) is the highest quality GM bank available for free, which can be downloaded from a link on his homepage. Megafont must be installed to load more than 32MB of SoundFont cache on the older SBLive! cards, and can be downloaded here. If you have the Audigy, the maximum cache limit depending on your RAM will be ~159MB. Be careful about loading the bigger banks.

    Recommended GM SoundFont banks in order of size:
    GeneralUser GS v1.35
    Unison 24MB
    sYnerGi 200LE*
    Utopia Live*
    sYnerGi GS*
    Hubbe 64
    Magic SF
    Melting Pot
    All In One
    Real Font
    ZX128 XR5
    SGM128 v1.20
    Fluid R3
    Crisis v1.8 250 MB

    *Must be purchased

    If you need any GM patches custom compiled or have more questions, you can contact me here, or through the e-mail link located at the bottom of my posts.

    Yes, I can fix the volume of your guitar SoundFont. Upload it to an online storage account and provide the link. NO e-mail, please! Big attachments kill me.
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    Thanx for the links man. I was looking for a new soundfont. I'm currently using the Industry Standard soundfont, but I'm looking for something better.

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