The fate of the Eagles

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What will happen to the Eagles?

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  1. They will finally win an NFC Championship game(4th time's the charm?)

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  2. They'll crash and burn like they always do

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  3. Dur... who are the Eagles?

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    The Eagles have made it to the NFC Championship game for the fourth year in a row.... but the last three years, they've lost each time. How many people think that they are doomed to repeat this?

    I think it would be hillarious if they lost yet again. The only reason they had such a great record this season was the edition of Terrel Owens, and he's injured. He MIGHT be back for the Superbowl... but it would be just so perfect if they didn't even make it that far, so he didn't get a chance to help them anyway. It would just show that they're not really all that great of a team afterall. Another reason this would be perfect is that Andy Ried made a deal with Owens that if he scored 15 touchdowns, he'd wear those tights or whatever. Owens's season got cut short at 14 TDs, after it looked like he was gonna get 15 and then some... Ried said he'll extend the deal to include the Superbowl if Owens plays... would just be so funny if he never got the chance.

    *shrugs* I just hate over-rated teams.

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