The Power Of One

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    Verse 1

    I've been watching you
    And every move you make
    Waiting at a distance
    Hoping you could see
    But now the time has come
    And I have to let you know
    I can't be silent any more
    I will not let you go
    I've seen you run away
    I've seen you tried to hide
    Making no commitments
    Because you were afraid
    There's something in your eyes
    It's something that you show
    The way you turn your head
    When all your hopes are high
    Inside you is a wanting
    A hero to be born
    Fighting for survival
    Daring to believe
    Don't be afraid to challenge
    Don't be afraid to dream
    Don't be afraid of anything
    You'll have all you ever need


    It takes one to move a mountain
    One to reach the sky
    It take s one to break the barrier
    To let the others fly
    It takes one to set in motion
    The coming of a dream
    One to change history
    And set the people free
    You have everything you need
    Imagine and it's done
    It's written on your heart
    You have the power of one

    Verse 2

    Don't listen to the voices
    That try to pull you down
    Don't get caught in fallacies
    So half the battle's won
    I'm looking from the outside
    Looking on the in
    If you could see what i do
    Much more you could become
    If you have a gift
    You need to let it show
    If you have a rift
    You need to let it go
    I am here to let you know
    I'm always by your side
    If you have a worthy dream
    I'm with you full of pride
    If you could only see
    The beginning to the end
    You would listen longer
    And set your heart to sing
    Although you may not think so
    I've been here all along
    Fighting with the champions
    I've come to watch them win

    Chorus repeat
    Verse 3

    All you have to do
    Is what you know you can
    All you have to be
    Is what you can believe
    'Cause as long as you have faith
    You have everything you need
    So who am i to comment
    Who am i to care
    So who am i to make demands
    Looking from afar
    I can feel your pain
    I can feel your joy
    Standing in your shadow
    I can believe in you
    You can take this passion
    That you feel inside
    You can cross the river
    To the other side
    You can make a difference
    You can be the one
    You can lead an army
    Gathered one by one

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    This is a song written for my organization...I hope to find someone who can make it into midi for me.Pls let me know if you are willing to offer your help.I appreciate if someone can help me out on the midi.Thx

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