Thugman Tweet feat Missy Elliot

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    Song: Thugman
    Yeah, this one right here's for my thugs
    Thug loving, puttin' it down for ya little lady at the crib
    Thug in the streets, man under the sheets, haha, yeah
    [Tweet] (Missy)
    I'm in love with a thug (whoo)
    I can't help it girl he treats me so good (aha)
    In the street he gets respect from his peers (whoo)
    Known for months but it feel like it's been years
    Aah, ahh, In a situation (come on, oh)
    Any guy that holler at me, it's real confrontation (aha)
    Thug lovin' is my baby's job occupation (yeah)
    And he good at what he do and great at having relation (whoo), ahh (come on)
    CHORUS [Tweet] (Missy)
    Thugs give good loving (oh)
    Whoa, you're supersonic
    The way he treats me different (aha)
    Ooh, like he bionic
    Yeah, he work that (yeah)
    I say yeah, he's so perfect (oh)
    [Tweet] (Missy)
    I used to be scared of thugs (oh)
    I was told that thugs don't know how to love (aha)
    They say they beat, they cheat, they talk to girls like **** (oh)
    But my man respect me cos I'm down ass ***** (uh oh), ahh (come on)
    I wasn't anticipating (oh)
    That if I fell in love with a thug that I would end up dating (I like this)
    Instead he blew my mind and treated me like a queen (oh)
    He run these streets but he know how to treat me, aaha (this one right)
    I'm in love with a thug cos he make me feel right
    Wish I could explain what he make me feel like
    Yeah, and my friends don't like
    Cos he hot on the block and he be ridin' ninja bikes, yeah
    Let me get it sizzlin' on the mic
    Like an MC with no deal trying to get New York hype, yeah, oh
    Let me clear my windpipe
    Man got a pipe that I blow out every night, yeah, oh
    Heard it first here, oh, I'm the best here, oh
    Come over here, oh, now thugs in here, aha
    Front to the rear, oh, Craig Mack gon' put the Flava In Ya Ear
    He ain't got time to keep bustlin' in lines
    Blowin' ya minds, cuttin' that circumsize, yeah, aha
    Play it wise cause I'm in love with a thug occupying my time (come on)

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