tips playing .kar files for mac users

Discussion in 'Karaoke Files' started by jkim, Jan 15, 2003.

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    :thumbsup: download karaoke files and play on your mac, it is so fun!!
    if u r a mac user and have not played karaoke files on you computer before, try below steps:

    1. go to
    and download QMidi 1.0.1 for mac
    (it is a freeware and does not take too long to downlaod)

    2. make sure you have an unzipping program on your system. if not also download this from (try ZipIt for mac)

    3. go to
    - choose the song you want to download (downloading should happen automatically when you click on the song)

    4. open QMidi, drag .kar file into QMidi window

    what did u think of this, i hope it worked for u ;)

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