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    Hey guys and gals, thought I'd mention that I got to see a really awesome
    show on Saturday. Tony Furtado and the American Gypsies were in town. If
    you haven't heard of Tony, he won a national banjo competition at the age of
    18 (or something like that) and has recently picked up the slide.

    His playing is really incredible. I haven't had many opportunities to see a
    good slide player in action, but this show more than made up for it. He
    plays two really old (approx. 20s or 30s) Martin acoustics, a Gibson banjo,
    a 70s Fender Strat and a brand spanking new Epiphone Elitist Les Paul
    Standard Plus (I have the exact same model and paint job) with Burstbuckers
    installed in it. His amp was a Vox AC-30 TB, which he said he'd just picked
    up the day before at a local shop.

    Their set consisted of interpretations of old folk and blues standards mixed
    in with his own compositions. Even my friends (who don't generally like
    anything but rock) enjoyed it. He's definitely a player worth checking out
    if he stops near you. Also, I had a chance to speak with him at length
    after the show and he's a great guy to talk to. He gave me some pointers on
    what I've been doing wrong in my struggle to teach myself to use a slide.


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