TrapKAT MIDI KITI Pro - Problems

Discussion in 'Sequencing Hardware' started by AlexBowser, Apr 22, 2004.

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    Okay, I'll make this long story short. I recently ordered a KAT MIDI KITI Pro off ebay, and I got it, yeah.

    So... I get out the manual, and power the thing up... and nothing seems to really operate 'the way it should' meaning ... the keypresses don't do the right things, it blinks crazy lights, etc.

    I know it isn't "sequencing hardware" so to speak but I was wondering if ANYONE has one, that could IM me and go through what the power up lights are and stuff, because I think mine is insanely broken.

    I've been in touch with the seller and he's talking out of his ass, saying he knows the owner of KAT and he'll talk to them about it. I'm really not believing it. Anyway, before this 150$ thing rots away in my room I was wondering if anyone could gimme a hand, see if maybe it's not broken after all, or just assure me that it is?

    I'd appreciate it.

    AIM: Alex Bowser


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