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    Mastering is the conversion of the source code containing the final mix to a data storage device or the master. The master is then be used to produce a number of copies through duplication, replication or pressing. The master is produced in popular choices like the analog or the digital masters. Mastering engineers control not just the stereo mix but also the individual balance. It is the last stage of mastering process, which comes after recording and mixing the song. The mastering engineer works by listening to the sound with fresh ears and adding a new perspective to the whole song. A good mastering engineer can make out where the song needs fine-tuning by simply listening to it. The master engineer listens to the track and increases the volume wherever necessary. The mastering engineer makes the track loud enough to compete without compressing out the dynamics out of the track. The process of mastering is carried out in the mastering studios that have all the equipments for mastering. Many times the process has been considered to be of less importance by the musicians. They give the reason that if everything else prior to mastering has fallen in place, mastering can achieve nothing. However this attitude has changed over the years. People are now aware of the benefits of mastering. The popularity of mastered songs have risen so much that mastering services are now available online. Online mastering services are not just affordable and convenient but also high qualitative. The quality of the affordable masteringservices online is at par with that of the attended mastering.

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