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Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by voice of god, Mar 17, 2004.

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    Ok Im getting serious about getting into soundfonts to convert my current midi backing tracks to soundfonts for gigs(mostly just drums and bass)

    Im after the BEST way to do this I'll thow some questions at ya-

    - What are the absolute best programs and best way to convert midi tracks to soundfont?

    I currently have Sonar XL 2.0, Logic Audio Platinum, Cool Edit pro 2.0

    Ive heard of stuff like Vienna, Reason etc.

    I want to be able to mix n match my drumkit, ie take a snare sound I like from one kit and take a kick from another to create my ultimate drumkit - which is the best program to do that?
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    They aren't converted to SoundFont. SoundFont audio data is loaded to disk or RAM by utilities that are built in to some programs and driver packages, and MIDI tracks refer to SoundFonts as if they are wavetable synthesiser banks. I use the Creative SoundFont manager from the driver package for the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum card to load SoundFonts into RAM. I am no professional at this, so my setup may not be fit for live performances. I'll just give the basics.

    Cool Edit is excellent for editing SoundFont samples to preference. With the proper Favorites configurations of preset components and add-on DX packages and hotkeys, samples can be readied for SoundFont use in seconds. One problem is that it is not as appropriate for looping, if you choose not to use natural decay. Natural decay is too massive for the simple EMU-10Kx engine on the SoundBlaster cards--leave those to Gigafont.

    For looping, I use an out-of-the-way technique of using the MODPlug Tracker sample edit window to find equal cross points along the sample that will not pop or click in the loop playback. It takes practice and sometimes a lot of time to find ones that are worth keeping. If anyone can mention a better program for looping please do.

    I use Vienna. It can be downloaded for free, but requires a SoundFont-compatible card to initiate. Many say it is difficult to use, so try Alive as well. I never really gave it a chance, and it might have the ability to loop that I have been looking for. :p

    I'm looking for one too.
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