Update on this Wal-nutty Ludwig dealie

Discussion in 'rec.music.percussion' started by Anthony Giampa, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. The 16" is being a jerk. He needs another wood filler'en next time I get a
    chance. I think I will be over-filling this time. Every time I think I get
    it right, the sanding process makes it slope down in areas. The 20 and 13
    are wrapped though, and are curing up.I'll try and leave 'em alone until
    tomorrow evening, which shouldn't be hard given I gotta be at work until 5
    or so tomorrow.

    Next step is to contour the edges on the 13 and 20 drums, and get that 16
    leveled out so IT can be wrapped. After that... countour 16" drum edges, and
    on to finishing, baby! My test scrap is lookin' good. One stain, and 5 (or
    6... lost count... gah!) varnishin's looks GREAT. I only worry about the
    sheer surface area of the 20"... thinking it will be hard to stain and get
    completely even. The 16 too might be hard but the 13 I don't think will be a
    problem. After finishing, it's hole-drillin' and badge re-applyin'. Then
    assemble and boo-yah. Kick ass Roy-Haynes-looking-dark-wood-circa-1973-kit
    (it's definetly a Keystone badge kit, only the clip I seen is dated 1973...


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