Using MIDI live and keeping time w/ others

Discussion in 'Digital Audio & Recording' started by jmcdee, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Hello! This is my first post on this site and I hope that this isn't a question that's been answered a hundred times and I just couldn't find the thread.

    I've been a musician for about ten years now, but I've only been using MIDI for about a year through Sonar 8 loaded with a decent array of VST plugins. So please forgive me in advance if I use incorrect jargon and just flat out sound "noobish".

    My question is what is the best way to keep time when using other instruments in conjunction with MIDI? For example, a group composed of the following: drums, guitar, bass, then keys/MIDI/synth/kaos pad/etc. I know in-ear monitors are a plus for this, but let's say there are times when a pad's playing w/ an arpeggiator on it then it all needs to stop for four bars of music then it starts up again. What's the best way to keep the drums, guitar, and bass in time with the MIDI while it's not playing? Is it possible to route a click track that's in time and sync with the MIDI bpm through the ear monitors without playing out to the PA system (that seems like a lot of work/pain)? Am I over-thinking this?

    If anybody could give me some advice on how they personally tackle this issue or if they know of a solution, please share your knowledge! :D

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