using the Yamaha EZ-AG/EZ-EG as a midi guitar controller?

Discussion in 'Sequencing Hardware' started by ceolchara, May 31, 2004.

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    Has anybody used a Yamaha EZ-AG/EZ-EG or does anybody know anyone who's used it?

    When I can afford it, I'll get a Ztar but that could be a while (I'm only a poor student :( ) and until then I'd like to use a guitar-type instrument controller.

    I use my QWERTY typing keyboard with FL Studio (physically restricting and not very satisfying musically) and have been considering getting a midi keyboard controller but because I play a bit of bass guitar and know my way much better around a fretboard than a keyboard (I never had piano lessons), I'd much prefer a guitar-type instrument controller to a midi keyboard controller.

    I'd like to use it especially with the soundfonts and VSTis I have and use in FL Studio.



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