VD - Jump, Jump, Jump

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    rtist / Band - Violent Delight
    Album - Transmission
    Track Number - ??
    Track Name - Jump, Jump, Jump
    Tabber - Keith Fusco
    Email Address - koro_guitarist@hotmail.com
    Web Page - http://koro.20m.com

    This is a great song of the yet unreleased albumk from VD. I have tabbed this
    based on the live performance at Game On, but it'll probably be the same as
    the album version. I tabbed out most of the basic's then Tom helped me with
    little bit's that I got wrong. Please email your comments and any corrections,
    Or if you think any of the lyrics are wrong, Or if you want to request A tab
    email me and i'll try my best to tab it and email it to you as soon as possible.


    p - Pull Off
    pm - Palm Muted
    * - Let Ring
    \ - Slide Down Neck
    / - Slide Up neck
    < - Pick Scrape Down Neck
    > - Pick Scrape Up Neck
    ^ - Bend

    Drop D (D,A,D,G,B,E)


    E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
    B |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
    G |77------------7-7--------------7-7-----------------------------------------|
    D |77001230--7-7-0-0-1-2-3-0--7-7-0-0-1-2-3-0--5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-|
    A |55001230--5-5-0-0-1-2-3-0--5-5-0-0-1-2-3-0--5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-|
    D |---001230-------0-0-1-2-3-0-------0-0-1-2-3-0--5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-|

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