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    No this game is not like outwar... The point of the game is to gain levels
    and money by doing jobs and attacking each other.


    Gangsterz is a Browser Based multiplayer game where you take control of your own male or female Gangster, in a huge hive city. Fighting other players, working for money, gambling in the casino and collecting weapons. Under a state of constant updating wit
    h new features being added all the time. This game requires no downloads of any sorts, meaning you can play it on any computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Why play Gangsterz?-

    We use a turn based system, unlike some realtime games. Meaning you dont have to be online 24/7 to be the best, we have no resets meaning you can play forever without losing things you will gain. Also unlike other browser based games we dont offer Subscri
    ption packages and Trial Play, the game is 100% free.
    We all spared no expense when it comes to Graphics, very few browser based games offer such a huge range of Graphics. You can customize your Gangster with head and body selection. Plus every item in the game has its own small icon and close up view. Givin
    g you a real feel for the game.
    The best part about online games like this is the community, we have an advanced message system so you can send messages to all your friends like email. We have a complete custom made built in forum for discussion about the game, aswell as online chat.

    Aim of Gangsterz-

    The aim is to level up and become higher level than everyone else with better items than everyone else. You level up by beating other players in fights.

    Leveling Up-

    Everytime you fight you gain experience, when you reach the max experience for that level you level up. This means your experience is reset and your level is increased by 1. You also gain 3 Stat Points each time you level up, which you can spend on increa
    sing stats like strength/agility or HP which is your life.

    Healthy and Injured-

    Your character is either Healthy or Injured, you are healthy whenever your character has more than 0 HP. When you have 0 HP you are injured and cannot fight or work in some jobs. You can only be attacked when your Healthy, however you can be attacked whet
    her you are online or offline. Just as you can attack other offline healthy players.

    Turn System-

    The turns in the game represent real time, we use turns rather than realtime because it means you can play without having to be online 24/7 by saving up turns. Turns can be used for 2 things. You can either work in Jobs, to get money which you can later u
    se to buy weapons/items/armor or they can be used to attack players and level up.

    Real Time-

    You get 200 turns an hour, every hour. You can check Server clock in Information. At midnight and midday server time you get revived and fully healed to full HP, so that is twice a day.

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