Villa lobos harmonica concerto

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    Hi guys,
    I'm a new member here.:cool:
    I love classical music.I compose(Amateure) classic music and play some instruments like Harmonica - Ocarina - nay - Piano and keyboard.
    You know i have searched a lot for Villalobos concerto but i have not find it.It hasn't released anywhere.
    This music is really Excellent.
    I wanna know who can make midi file in this forum.
    If make midi file for orchestral is too hard only the harmonica sounds(melody) will be good fi me.
    Who can make a midi file for the melody?(make midi file with listening,becau sheet music is not available free anywhere.)
    Anyone could do it here?
    If no, who knows anyone who make midi files?
    If you can make it incomplete(for example just a few part of a one movement) there's no problem.only a little part would be great to me.Becau it will help me to make it complete myself.
    Here is di link of Villa lobos Harmonica concerto movements:
    (At the first i need this movement)
    (A real beautiful one ! Download it)
    (Third movement.Cool melody and orchestral)
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