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    Thanks in advance for any replies! I am usualy a guitar player. Over the
    last few years my interests have gone to the more percussive route. So,
    please forgive any newbie questions I may have.

    #1. Can anyone help me identify the year of this Ludwig snare? Can you tell
    me anything about it? It matches my 1920's Ludwig Bass drum but has a
    script/decal logo instead of the "Ludwig & Ludwig" badge. I have found it
    matches the 60's Ludwig logo but I am positive it is older that the 60's.
    Here is a link to some pics:

    #2. My Ludwig bass drum from the 20's has a 23.5" skin!!! At this point I am
    not to uptight about skin vs. plastic but are these replaceable for a
    minnimum of price? One of the heads had a split in it that at first I
    repaired with duct tape and clear packing tape. This gave way after a while
    and I patched it up with some fabric and epoxy. I think this last fix will
    hold for a while but... I told you I was a newbie.

    #3. How do you actualy measure a skin/head? Removing the skin/head of my
    Bass drum and measuring the insinde diameter produce about 23 3/4".
    Measuring the skin/head that shows when the rim is on gave me 23 1/2".

    #4. Is there a device on the market where you can attache a pedal to a snare
    drum and/or cymbal? I want both of these floor mounted and pedal controlled.
    Anything you could think of would be fine. A DIY project?

    Tons more questions to follow. I appreciatte any response.

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