Virtual Sound Canvas & Cakewalk

Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by Dallas Aussi, Mar 13, 2003.

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    I have just started playing around with midi files & sequencers, and are currently using Cakewalk Professional 7 and Roland Virtual Sound Canvas VSC-88 on a PII-300 with SoundBlaster 16 soundcard (my 2nd computer - I'm a single parent & have to use my good one for my business & don't have the cashflow to upgrade the old one). My problem is that I can use the VSC-88 for midi sounds & get a great sound, but when I do this I can't hear any audio tracks recorded - to hear midi & audio at the same time I have to use the creative synth which on my soundcard is not very good. Is there any way to set up Cakewalk to use the VSC for midi channels and the SB for audio at the same time? Cheers.

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