vocal recording, and setup on daw

Discussion in 'rec.audio.pro' started by tommy, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. tommy

    tommy Guest

    hello, I have:
    Studio Projects C1, behringer vx2000 preamp.
    I have 2 sound cards, 1 st hoontech dsp24 value, and 1 audigy player.
    I am now recording from the vx2000 preamp, into the audigy's line in! :)
    Currently Im getting a flat vocal recording that doesnt sound crisp at all.
    So here is my question:

    *Should I instead connect the vx2000 to my good soundcard instead of using
    audigy ?
    * The st audio dsp24 value card only has phono in and optical in, not xlr.
    So will it be okay to use xlr~converter~phono cable and plug it into the
    phono ins on that card ?

    So will this improve my recording quality you guys think ?
    Thank you

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