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Discussion in 'For Sale/Wanted' started by merc4me, Oct 27, 2003.

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    Hey all,

    I’m looking for 3 people roughly aged between 18 – 24 from Melbourne Australia to start an acoustic quartet with me. I have had lots of experience singing in choirs and small vocal ensembles but I need something that more up beat. I have HEAPS of songs that I have arranged ready to sing! And it's not gay... well not all of it, there's stuff that you can jam to too!

    I’m looking for confident singers and composers even who have a great ear, are fast learners and are interested in making this fun pastime into a regular gig. I am an alto, so I’m looking for a soprano, tenor and bass so start something great with! Excuse the technical terms but those are the voice ranges I'm looking for.

    I also have contacts with the music industry accessible if we work at it! Please email me your name, age, suburb, phone number, days/times available and include a photo to fm_dimples@hotmail.com or leave me a private message here.


    PS- to anyone else that reads this, where else can I post to find people?!??! I really wanna start gigging again!!!

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