what may 2004 hold for da artists and bands?

Discussion in 'Artists/Band Discussion' started by jay-z, Jan 9, 2004.

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    2003 is a year wit so many things happenin, from greatest concerts you may have ever seen to lesbian kissin', from da arrest of da greatest pop king to da death of da likes of Barry White.

    what do you think 2004 may hold for each and every one artists and bands dat has entertained us, make us laugh and some make us cry throughout year 2003?
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    I think were going to see more B2k, Bow Wow, and Lil Romeo movements.

    I think more Southern artists will break through, especially.
  3. jay-z

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    I think there will b mo' emergence of new artists wit da likes of G-Unit and 50 Cent, Sean Paul, etc.
    Evanescence will extinct like they neva exist b4.
    Mo' albums from Eminem, 50 Cent and Sean Paul.
    Linkin Park will have a mo' successful Meteora World Tour than last year.
    Destiny's Child might reunite wit a new member in Michelle Knowles.
    Boy bands like Blue will sing mo' pathetic songs and might collaborate wit Michael Jackson (after what they've done dat wit Elton).
    what else? hmm... Britney will marry anotha man (mayb woman dis time) and then divorce after a day.
    Christina Aguilera will turn to acting. and finally, Jennifer Lopez will go back to P.Diddy!
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