Will "Howldog" Ever Stop Obsessing About "Polfus"?

Discussion in 'rec.music.guitar' started by Nobody, Aug 27, 2003.

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    howldog <howldogAINTNOSPAMAGNET@yahoo.com> wrote in article <l00qkv0u4j64rhdh1qpdsvs4guekndb981@4ax.com>...

    > there is that. We've seen guitar players with some experience,
    > something useful to offer, post in here about how its a waste of time.
    > I enjoy good comedy too, and wouldnt want all guitar all the time, but
    > lately, anything having to do with Polfus, isnt funny.

    Why are you *STILL* talking about "Polfus"?

    Shut up already!


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