Yamaha Clickstation-- Revisited

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    Ok, so I they sent me the manual for my Yamaha Clickstation, and
    I've had some actual "gig time" on the thing.

    Programming: In my review, I mentioned there was something called
    "Chain Function." Well it turns out this is very cool, indeed. If
    you recall, there are 85 user storable "songs" (as they call them)
    that store tempo along with one or two measures at 1-9 beats per
    measure. Each "song' can be named with 5 characters.

    Let's say you sit down one day and program tempi for all 57 songs
    your band plays. No one wants to have to scroll through 85 presets
    to find the next song in your set. With this "chain function" you
    can program up to 10 groups of 20 songs or steps. So essentially,
    when you get the set lists for that night's gig, you take 5 minutes
    and set up a "chain" for each set. Very nice function, indeed.

    There is also a "search" function to allow you to search for a song
    by the name you programmed.

    One thing I do miss about the Tama is the one-touch programming--
    just touch the program button and the setting is saved. With the
    Clickstation, you have a minimum three-touch process to program a
    preset. So even if all you want to do is change the tempo a couple
    bmp, you still have to hit three buttons. But, I think the rest of
    the feature far overshadow that.


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