yamaha psr2000 Midi-Gameport connection

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by nospoon, Sep 23, 2003.

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    Hi everyone at MidiBuddy, i'm new here and i desperately need help!

    I have recently bought a yamaha psr2000 keyboard. i want to connect it to my PC and use it with programs such as cakewalk sonar or proaudio or fruityloops (i have all of them). since i have not yet done this i dont know the possibilities, for example does the keyboard play midi from the pc or does the pc play the keyboard or both? anyways this is not the main problem.

    The main problem is that no midi data is sent from my keyboard to the pc, in fact i think it is not even recognized by the pc. i read a full thread of messages in this site about someone with a similar problem, but in the end the guy's mistake turned out to be connecting the IN to IN rahter than IN to OUT. which is a common mistake as i've heard. but I HAVE NOT MADE THAT MISTAKE.

    1.actually my midi cable doesnt have IN or OUT labels. but i have tried swithing them with every change i have made.

    2.my keyboard's manual doesnt say ANYTHING about the midi-gameport cable i have, instead it suggests midi-usb or other cables that dont look like mine. but my cable looks like the ones i have seen on help sites on the net, so i think it should be possible to use it. if anyone out there knows for sure that it is not possible PLEASE TELL me to stop wasting my time!

    3. the equencing softwares i mentioned dont recognize my keyboard. and they also tell me that "Game compatible device" does not support the current file format or is being used by another program (but it's not).

    now the questions:

    i have tried all the options in sontrol panel and in the sequencing software. my motherboard's soundcard is disabled so it doesnt interfere with the main soundcard(or does it? u tell me)

    i downloaded "instrument definitions" for the yamaha psr2000
    (does the problem have anything to do with that?)

    maybe everytime i switch the midi IN and OUT (cuz they dont have labels) i have to restart the computer?

    how do i know wheter the computer has recognized my keyboard or not?

    do i need any special drivers for my soundcard, gameport, keyboard? i think the name of my soundcard is C-Media.

    sorry for making this long i just wanted to say that i have already tried everything i have read in FAQ's, forums, helps, troubleshooters, etc.!
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    Ok, I'll try to help.
    First I need to know about the cable you're using to connect your Yamaha to the PC. What kind of plugs does it have on it? Did it come with the instrument? or did you purchase it after-market, as they say.
    A 'game port' connection for MIDI has a rectangle plug with 15 pins on it. A MIDI connection is circular and has 5 pins. If you have a 'standard' game-port midi cable adapter, then it will have one 15 pin on one end and a "Y" with 2 seperate MIDI (5 pin) connections on it. The 15 pin go connects to the sound card and the other 2 if not labeled IN and OUT should have SOME kind of indicator on the plug ends. Perhaps an arrow? Pointing away from the computer or towards it. Away in computer out which goes to your keyboard IN and the Toward Computer one goes to the keyboard OUT.
    That be correct so far, (if in fact I am correct :) ) then in your sequencer, you'll have to "specify" MIDI in and out. In Cakewalk it's under OPTIONS-Midi Devices (I think) and it'll pop up a window. Highlight under IN your sound card (C-MIDI in) and under OUT hightlight the C-Midi OUT or something simular. If your using a soundblaster they will be listed as either MPU-401 or SBLive IN and SBLive OUT or again something simular.
    If you in fact have TWO sound cards in your machine, i.e. one on the motherboard and an extra PCI card installed, then I would suggest entering the BIOS of your computer and disableing the onboard sound (if that the C-Media) and reboot your machine. You very well could have what's known as a IRQ conflict. Wither way you only need ONE sound card 'active'. If it's diabled as you say then that's probably not the issue. Again, check the assignments for MIDI in/out in your programs to be sure they are selected properly.

    I've attached a picture of the "game port" connection to this message. I'm new here in this forum as well so I hope it shows up. I'm NOT new to music/computer problems as I've been a pro for 35 years and a Microsoft Certified Systems Admin. :)

    If you continue to have difficulties, feel free to drop me an email to Doc Piano and I'll see what I can do to help out. It DOES seem a bit weird, huh?

    Hope that helps out, and good luck and best wishes.

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