Yamaha RP U100/200

Discussion in 'rec.audio.pro' started by Lon Ponschock, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. I have recently read the descriptions of the Yamaha RP-100/200
    receivers for use with computer sound setups. The 100 is stereo for 2 speakers and the 200
    is a surround. But I am unclear about the total sound environment these can handle.

    It's unclear to me whether the Yamaha RP-100 or RP-200 will function as a standalone
    mini-receiver. There's a USB connection that goes to the computer so that the reciver can
    be used for line-in or streaming audio for recording purposes. This would bypass the
    problem of dropouts for those local stations that also webcast.

    Has anyone here used one of the Yamahas either as a mini recever standalone or with it's
    hookup to a computer rig?

    I've seen that right now, these are being sold with rebate at substantial discount and
    would like to move on getting one during the rebate period.
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