Yamanha RP-U100/200 mini receivers

Discussion in 'rec.audio.pro' started by Lon Ponschock, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. I have seen the Yamaha "Sound Board" computer receivers which connect to a USB port and
    allow for recording through the soundcard.

    Even after going to Yamaha online, I'm a bit confused about the operation of one of
    these in a stand -alone receiver operation. I'm unclear as to whether the connection to
    the computer is "requirred" for operation: the jacks described seem to be all inputs.

    Can I turn the thing on and use it as its function as an FM radio while the PC is off?

    Sorry if I seem obtuse about this. :)

    I'd appreciate anyone posting who is actually using one of these jobbies to clarify.


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