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    Atlas <c1sublux@hotmail.comNOSPAM> wrote in article <2vtpjv0e0tlh2lvkf3oj7pdj20esbm2f4u@4ax.com>...
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    > On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 04:15:58 GMT, "Odin" <res0jmoj@REMOVEverizon.net>
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    > >Their apparent love of chiropractors is the most obvious.

    > I can understand how one might initially think that. However,
    > I'm convinced that chiropractic has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    > If neither of them had ever met me online, and thus there were no
    > subsequent frictions, neither of them would have ever said a single
    > thing about chiropractic.


    I know you have a lot on your mind, but the very first time we ever "talked" was July 1999.

    You were *already* fighting with someone else about..guess what...yup: CHIROPRACTIC.

    Here it is:

    >Subject: Re: Joke
    >From: backcrkr@netexpress.net (Keyser Soze)
    >"Chiropractors also disagree on whether their "subluxations" are
    >visible on x-ray films."
    >This is complete bullshit. Subluxations aren't visible on x-rays. That's

    something that is universally agreed upon. It's taught in the chiropractic
    schools. I have never met anybody in my life (including D.A.C.B.R.'s) who say
    they can see subluxations on x-rays.

    I am sorry, Kevin, but a subluxation of a disc can be viewed on radiographs. A
    "subluxation" in the context of back disorders refers to " a partial or
    incomplete dislocation of the disc", and can be seen on film to an M.D...like
    my doctor showed me.

    Why do you say that it cannot be seen?

    >>If it were *my* dog, I'd seek out a doctor who was trained in the

    >Okay. I'll offer you a challenge. Please list ONE of the "basics" (basic

    sciences) in which chiropractors are lacking in education. [But other doctors
    (such as D.V.M.'s or M.D.'s do).

    Pharmacy..you may have studied it, but you are NOT allowed IN ANY STATE to
    prescribe medications of ANY kind. I have studied pharmacy like crazy as well,
    Kevin...but we are not trained or educated enough to PRESCRIBE them.

    And you also are NOT allowed to DIAGNOSE a MEDICAL CONDITION in ANY capacity,
    even though you may know damn well what it is that is ailing your patient.

    You will also NOT be allowed to order routine tests, radiographs, or medical
    treatments of any ( which excludes all electro-stimulation, T.E.N.S. for
    example ). You will also NOT be allowed to hospitalize anyone in an emergency,
    nor can a D.C. pronounce death or make medical decisions in a Code situation.

    Please keep that straight in your posts, Kevin...don't pretend to be something
    that you are not, for you will *surely* lose you license one day if you do. I
    don't mean I will report you, because I have no way of knowing what you do, and
    it is none of my business. But you will get yourself in trouble the first time
    some old geezer tells the State Medical Board that you said he had a "herniated
    disc" when in fact he had a malignant tumor. Just a word from someone that has
    been dealing with health care and its patients for a long time...me.

    >A vet is an allopath who specializes in animals. But it's
    >still allopathic medicine. (Meaning that the only way they know how to
    >help people is with a pill or a knife).

    An "allopath" produces a ***PATHOLOGIC*** reaction that is antagonistic to the
    disease being treated, and is an erroneous label to differentiate regular
    medicine from "homeopathy". Regular medicine is not "allopathy".

    What kind of *pathologic* reactions do vets induce?

    >If using PGP makes me a terrorist,
    >and owning a firearm makes me a murderer...
    >Does Janet Reno's vagina make her a prostitute?

    And like I said, thats gross as Hell. second time...please get rid of it, as
    it is killfile material to my eyes, and I wanna keep reading your posts.


    Here's the link with all the comments you posted:


    And I used my real name before I ever used "Polfus" as a screen name.

    I really hope this helps you somewhat, my friend.

    I never expected you to go to the extremes you have over a medical fact is all.

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    you forgot to post his address and phone number

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