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    Atlas <c1sublux@hotmail.comSPAM> wrote in article <f6r1kv4ou0m5qongmp5885djq86m9b4ujm@4ax.com>...

    > I have been able to reduce disc herniations with my techniques - to the point to where the patient was completely asymptomatic

    No, you most certainly have not "reduced" disc herniations, Kevin...ABSURD.

    But...how about some references or links to back up your allegation.

    >No drugs, no surgery - just adjustsments,

    What "adjustsments"? How are you shoving a herniated disc back to its origin?

    >trigger point therapy,

    Symptom management...doesn't do a thing to correct a herniated disc.



    You are going to fuck someone up one day...guaranteed, Kevin.

    >and specific rehabilitative exercises to stabilize, and strengthen the supportive soft tissue structures.>

    Symptom management for musculoskeletal pain.

    Not one thing to "reduce a herniated disc".


    > As far as the disc herniations, it depends on how bad the herniation is, where it is, and how long it's been there.>

    Uh, huh...keep going...

    >If the nuclear material is extruded into the thecal sac,

    Kevin.... ( sigh..)

    You just keep on with incorrect medical information.

    A "herniated disc" BY DEFINITION is "a rupture or herniation of the nucleus pulposus" !!!!!!!!!

    Read that again!

    >and has calcified...

    Has nothing to do with it.

    >it's a surgical case.>

    A herniated disc will never, ever repair itself other than with surgery.

    People can live with the pain and do whatever for symptom relief, but the disc will always remain herniated.

    > But most people aren't to that point. And they CAN have their problem managed conservatively.

    That is another terrible generalization of people with disc injuries.

    > Yeah - IF you believe Jack's story. I don't believe him. He
    > bullshitted about the chiropractor asking him to come in seven days
    > per week. Makes you wonder how much else of his story is pure
    > fiction.

    LOL! Jack already said that he assumed that the chiro wanted him to come in for 7 days straight, and admitted he was wrong!

    Get over it!

    > Spine surgery has an absolutely horrible track record.

    How about those medical references?

    >A couple of months ago, there was a spine symposium at Allegheny General
    > Hospital (here in Pittsburgh). They had a panel of speakers which
    > read as a veritable "who's who" in neuro and orthpedic surgery. And
    > they admitted that their own success rate is abyssmal. There is a
    > less than 50% chance of success.>

    And again...any proof of that?

    >Compound that with a 1 in 10,000 chance of death (due to general anesthesiology). Please see the following references:>
    > Basics of Anesthesia by Stoelting and Miller: (considered by some to
    > be the bible of modern anesthesia practice). Here is the pertinent
    > passage from the third edition:
    > "An estimated 20 to 25 million anesthetics are administered annually
    > in the United States. The risk of mortality due solely to the
    > administration of anesthesia is extremely rare (about 1 in 10,000
    > administrations, or 0.01%). " (p 12)


    Pretending that you "quote" this book correctly and can even understand if you take it out of context:

    1 in 10,000 is 0.0001 %.

    Not 0.01%.

    Am I wrong?

    What else are you misquoting or misunderstanding?

    > Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital,
    > edited by Hurford, Bailin, Davison, Haspel and Rosow, published 1997:

    > "In the 1950s it was estimated that anesthesia care contributed to
    > three deaths in 10,000 surgical procedures. More recent data suggest
    > that the rate may be on the order of 1 per 10,000." (p 117)

    Hmmm..."contributed"....maybe the patients got pneumonia and that was the "contribution" from anesthesia.

    I am positive you take it out of context.

    Any guess on what it is in 2003?

    > Jack posted some bullshit about chiropractors beating drums,
    > magnets...and other things - trying to insinuate that this is
    > commonplace.

    What "bullshit"?

    >It's not. I've never done that. None of my chiropractic friends & colleagues do that. And I don't know of ANYONE who's done


    Really? Hmmmm...do you deny chiropractors use these techniques?

    > Jack was upset with the price of the chiropractic care -

    That wasn't all..the dude HURT Jack.

    Did you read that part?

    > because he felt his chiropractor wanted to make a jag payment (or
    > something like that).

    > Let's look at this from a financial perspective. A typical
    > chiropractic case costs about $1,500.00 (start to finish). An average
    > spine surgery costs $50,000.00. >

    Wow...where did you come up with that?

    Any references or proof of these figures you allege?

    I mean..my own spinal surgery cost $17,000.

    > So while Jack's offended that the chiropractor charged his
    > fees, he's going to run to a neurosurgeon (who'll charge him 33 TIMES
    > more). Now if that isn't Polfusian logic, I don't know what is.

    Holy crap, dude..you miss the point.

    And I *knew* you would have to mention "Polfus" at least once today.

    > > Nah. Lots of people here discuss CTS and stuff. It would have
    > >come up via that.

    > Okay, perhaps I mis-phrased it.

    Yup, and I called you on it.

    >I should have said: "If neither of them had ever met me online, and thus there were no
    > subsequent frictions, neither of them would have ever said a single negative thing about chiropractic.>

    And again, you would be wrong with all the talk people have about guitar playing injuries.

    The world doesn't revolve around you, Kevin.

    > Jack will probably have a surgery done. And I despite all of
    > the lovely things he's said to and about me,

    You need to reread the majority of your posts, son.

    >I do wish him the best of luck.
    > Atlas

    That's gonna be a little hard to believe, unfortunately.


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