ZIGGY..look in-Are you having Problems (NT AUTH has terminated due to invalid RPC)??

Discussion in 'Computers' started by lostdave, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Recently saw this one on mY GF's PC..and now a member has run into the same problem.

    When you start your system(WIN XP) windows starts up then an error Box comes up with "Invalid RPC Call..Restarting in 30 Seconds"
    and then system does a 30 second countdown.

    This is due to a Permissions Problem with a recent Install of I-mesh(A spyware Loaded P2P Program).

    the easy fix is

    Restart your system in safe mode (press F8 after the memory count repeatedly)
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    Go to START | Help and support

    Selet "Undo Changes to your computer with system Restore"

    Select a date that was Prior to you installing I-mesh(XP will have set a system checkpoint before the software was installed).

    XP will Bring up a restoring system Box.....then reboot.

    REboot Normally ...all should be fine and dandy.


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