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How is my SoundFont?

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    I don't know if anyone is interested in SoundFonts here as much as the SF2MIDI community, but I don't want to leave anybody out on this news.

    I finally got the chance to make a few music demos of my 64MB ZSF SoundFont bank currently under construction. They are in the OGG Vorbis audio compression algorithm, so you will need a compatible player. If you have no clue, I recommend Winamp v2.95 Full.

    No post-editing was done on any of the demos, other than normalising and silence/gap editing.

    EAX response is globally identical among the patches, and set at 15% Chorus and 15% Reverb. The EAX response is limited in these demos. Sadly, the effectiveness of EAX may depend on the device drivers currently installed in Windows systems. I've giving seven different driver versions my trials, and will decide which one is best for MIDI users.

    Here are the demos: http://www.websamba.com/Zandro

    Return every so often. There may be more soon.

    ZSF Instruments that have not yet been completed or included are replaced by or substituted with Caltronix MegaSound GS v1.3b, ©2000 Caltronix SoundTrax by Carl M. Nel. Current ZSF patches include 000 to 095, excluding 039 (Synth Bass 2) and 050 (Synth Strings 1). Drum kits are from SGM-150 v1.30, © 2002-2004 by David Shan.

    Original topic here: http://www.sf2midi.com/forum2/read.php?id=2007&view=single
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