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    I'm a software developer. Years ago I played classical piano but due to wrist tendonitis I've been unable to practise enough get my chops to a level where playing is fun.

    I created a software solution. It's an application that allows you to play any midi file in real time as though it were a musical instrument. It's like an instrument that never plays wrong notes and lets you add your own expression. It's fun to play.

    I call it Concert Keyboardist:

    This example is Mendelssohn opus. 30 no. 1. The score was created by loading into Concert Keyboardist a midi file downloaded from the Internet. Notice the increased expressiveness vs the normal playback of a midi file.

    This is how Concert Keyboardist works:
    - Playing ANY note on the midi controller triggers the next note(s) from the midi file.
    - Notice I alternate between playing just two different notes on the controller.
    - Note on/off times and velocities from the controller are merged with note pitches from the midi file.
    - The scrolling piano roll shows already played, currently sounding and upcoming notes
    - Varying your playing tempo automatically adjusts the scrolling rate of the note display

    I haven't decided whether to make it into a product. Is it something any of you would find useful?

    - Chris

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