Opcode 3 (for Mac)

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    I was thinking of putting it on eBay, but they've only been going for about $25~$30. Since I'm going sell it for next to nothing, I thought, why not try something different, have a little fun and maybe generat a little traffic on this forum...

    So this item is up for "Auction", here in For Sale/Wanted. The bidding closes on April 6th, midnight, Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT) If it sells for $1, I'll honor that transaction (plus shipping)

    If you're famiar with this unit, I have one in perfect condition. If you've never heard of it, it allows you to control a MIDI setup through your MAC.

    Two inputs:
    You could have a keyboard and an external sequencer, for example, or a contoller and the output of your favorite multi-timbral slave (for capturing SysEx messages.)

    Six Outputs:
    You can control what listens to what...

    This unit uses the older Mac serial (MODEM) or PRINTER interface.

    It has 2 MIDI inputs and 6 MIDI outputs. Tap/Audio in & out. SMPTE, JAM, DTL, FMSG and MTC.

    Shipping shouldn't be any more than $10; buyer pays exact shipping costs only. I will ship international.

    I accept PayPal, which means you can use VISA/MC etc.

    Who would like to Bid $1?

    I answer direct email faster a cio-dad@mindspring.com.

    Rough picture of (someone else's) unit:
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