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Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by DJwilliamC, Feb 15, 2003.

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    please excuse my ignorance... i am in transition from being a DJ to producer...

    im am quite unsure what exactly VSTi and how plug-ins are and how they are applied.

    i am running cubase sx, i have about 40 different vsti and plugins i got from a buddy... however am unsure where they need to be installed and how they work....

    if someone could give me once over and any additional help. i would greatly appreciate it

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    Well, VSTi's are what you call Virtual Studio Instruments and plugins, usually are used to give a certain effect on your audio channel. Like a reverb or extra compression for instance.

    Installing the VSTi's usually just goes to your Program File directory and then in the Steinberg\Cubase SX\Vstplugins folder.
    Plugins (i presume Direct X) are most likely installed in their own program folder and can be accessed most of the time from any program which uses DX plugins.

    There is a difference between VSTi's. Some of them are quite easy and some of them can be really hard to find out how they work exactly. So its a matter of finding your way through the VSTi and working with the setting you think works best for you.

    To call up the VSTi Window in Cubase SX, just press F11.
    VSTi's can also be used by an external midi keyboard which allows you to control the sequencing. So if you start a 16 channel Midi project in Cubase SX, open up the VSTi window, then choose one of the VSTi's and then choose on of the midi channels in the sequencer. Click on the first one, then on the left side, there are 5 dropdown menu's. Mainly these will be, "in, out, chn, prg and map". Click on the "out" dropdown menu, and there you can choose your VSTi. This way, the midi channel synchronizes with your VSTi and you can do whatever you like with it.

    If anyone thinks something is wrong here, please correct me.

    I hope this helps you a bit more along the way.

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